The LOEWER MiniSpin ME is a small, manual machine with a rotating SmartFlex drum containg flexible, brush-supported abrasive strips mounted in a grooved core. The workpiece is pushed against the rotating drum. Due to the brush support the SmartFlex system runs at a very low rpm, thus increasing the safety of the unit. The MiniSpin ME is the ideal solution for a wide range of small deburring jobs.

  • Drum can be set to many different positions and angles.
  • Infinetely variable rotation speed 200 – 800 UPM
  • SmartFlex abrasive system offers a large variety of different abrasive strips which can be used in the same core.


  • Quick deburring of smaller sheet metal parts or 3D punched parts
  • For edge rounding longer, outside contours on sheet metal parts
  • For edge rounding foil-covered or zinc-plated parts without destroying the surface
  • For deburring pipe ends or profile ends after sawing

Technical Data

  • Brush Ø 300mm, height 150mm
  • Table size: 400mm x 800mm

Pictures and Videos

Video MiniSpin ME

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