Plasma or flame cutting can create a very heavy slag. Slag can be removed by either knocking it off or grinding it down.

The patented LOEWER TB unit is designed specially for removing heavy slag with an abrasive belt and is suitable for bent parts.

For knocking off stubborn slag Löwer offers Hammerdiscs with hardened power pins. They can be used on many of our machines but we recommend a three-unit machine where it is possible to use a deburring disc and an edge rounding disc after deslagging.

Our machines for deslagging

BeltMaster 600
Deburring and edge rounding of plasma- or flame-cut parts in a working width of 600mm.

DiscMaster 6TD
360° deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal or orbital finish featuring three units in a working width of 1000mm or 1500mm.