The DiscMaster 6TD is equipped with six discs arranged in three pairs one behind the other. The discs oscillate continuously over the workpiece during throughfeed. Three different tools can be used in one pass. The interaction between the rotation and the large oscillation stroke leads to high quality deburring and edge rounding results. The large variety of available disc tools makes the machine very versatile.

  • Three pairs of discs for using three different tools in one pass
  • Large oscillation stroke over the full width of the feed belt
  • All inside and outside edges are processed from all angles and directions
  • Even wear of abrasive tools irrespective of the size of the workpiece or where it is placed on the conveyor belt.
  • Quick change of tools when alternating between materials – only six discs need to be changed
  • The large variety of disc tools available and the possibility of using three different tools in one pass make the  machine extremely versatile.


  • Deburring – edge rounding – stronger edge rounding in one pass
  • Deburring – edge rounding – oxide removal
  • Deburring – edge rounding – orbital finish
  • Slag removal – deburring – edge rounding
  • Deburring and edge rounding of laser-cut, plasma-cut and water-cut parts
  • Deburring and edge rounding of 3D punched parts
  • Processing of smaller parts from 20mm x 20mm
  • Processing of foil-covered or zinc-plated parts
  • Processing of steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Technical Data

  • Working widths: 1000mm and 1500mm
  • Smallest part size: 20mm x 20mm
  • Material thickness: 0,3mm – 80mm

Pictures and Videos

Video DiscMaster 6TD

Pictures may include extra options.

Video DiscMaster 6TD STEEL


Rotating Cleaning Brush
Ideal for cleaning the conveyor belt from below on the outfeed side

Infinitely Variable Disc Rpm
When using different disc tools for different applications it is necessary to adjust the the disc rpm.

Quick-Fix Tool Connector
Quick-Fix tool connector for speedier changing of discs e.g. when alternating between steel and stainless steel.

LED lights inside the machine

Magnetic Track
Permanant magnetic track below the feed belt for holdin down smaller steel parts. This is recommended when using OxideDiscs or HammerDiscs.

Dust Extraction Unit
Loewer offers a range of dust extraction units for removing harmful abrasive dust. Depending on the application at hand they are available for wet or dry processing.

Aluminium Extraction Kit
When processing aluminium a lot of fine, light dust is created. Extraction hoods around the discs enhance the dust extraction process.

TouchPanel Control
Coloured touch panel for setting and displaying machine parameters as well as for storing machine settings.

Conveyor Tables
When processing longer work pieces it is helpful to use conveyor tables. Loewer offers a range of tables in different lengths and widths. As an optional extra it is possible to link the feed speed to that of the machine.

Pneumatic lifting
When not in use, pairs of tools are pneumatically lifted away from the working area. When the tools are switched on, they automatically return to their previous working position.


LOEWER TD – Transversal Disc Unit

The discs rotate and oscillate with a stroke larger than the width of the feed belt. The workpiece is processed evenly from all angles and directions. The disc tools wear evenly, independent of the size of the workpiece or its location on the feed belt.

  • 360° processing from all directions
  • Even wear of all discs

Possible Tools

SoftDisc with soft pad for deburring mild steel or aluminium

Legally-protected CompactDisc for removing higher burrs and spatter on stainless steel

MediumDisc for edge rounding, available in different grit sizes and hardnesses.

OrbitalDisc for creating a non-directional finish with the Löwer Orbital device for which there is a patent pending.

Flexible SmartFlexDisc for edge rounding foil-coated, zinc-coated or slightly deformed metal parts.

OxideDisc for removing the oxide layer on side edges

HammerDisc for knocking off heavy slag before deburring



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