The MultiBrush LZ is a brush sanding machine for sanding linear profiles from the top, bottom, left and right in one pass. Several SmartFlex drums with brush-supported abrasive strips can be adjusted to work from different sides and angles, depending on the shape of the profile. The flexible abrasive strips will adapt to the details of the profiles. One application example is the surface roughening of aluminium window profiles before painting.

  • Features SmartFlex, brush-supported abrasive strips on drums or discs
  • Various models available, from one-sided with 2 drums to multi-sided with 12 drums
  • Manual adjustment of individual units


  • Roughening of linear profiles prior to painting

Technical Data

  • Working widths: 150mm and 300mm
  • Material thickness: 10mm-120mm
  • Shortest workpiece length: 380mm

Pictures and Videos

Video Multibrush

Pictures may include extra options.


  • Dipping device i.e. automatic dipping in and out of individual brushes
  • Motorized setting of profile width
  • Range of dust extraction units available
  • Touch Panel control featuring automatic setting of brush units for storing profiles
  • Conveyor units for returning workpiece



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