The DiscMaster P in a working width of 1350mm is equipped with one oscillating triple planetary head unit. This unit features three rotating heads, each with three rotating discs  mounted alongside each other. All inside and outside edges are processed from all angles and directions. The discs are equipped with SmartFlex finger abrasives which are soft and flexible and create very little heat.

The DiscMaster P is ideal for deburring and edge rounding as well as for roughening surfaces. It is especially suited for aluminium frames or slightly deformed parts.

  • All inside and outside edges are processed from all angles and directions
  • Non-directional finish due to combined rotation and oscillation
  • Variable disc rpm and the possibility of using two different abrasive grit sizes for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation
  • DiscMaster 3P model available with three triple planetary head units one behind the other.


  • For deburring and edge rounding aluminium parts
  • For roughening of aluminium frames or slightly deformed parts
  • Creates a uniform surface with a non-directional finish

Technical Data

  • Working width: 1350mm
  • Shortest workpiece length: 200mm
  • Material thickness: 1 – 100 mm

Pictures and Videos

Pictures may include extra options.


LED lights inside the machine

Dust Extraction Unit
Loewer offers a range of dust extraction units for removing harmful abrasive dust. Depending on the application at hand they are available for wet or dry processing.

Conveyor Belt
When processing longer work pieces it is helpful to use conveyor tables. Loewer offers a range of tables in different lengths and widths. As an optional extra it is possible to link the feed speed to that of the machine.

TouchPanel Control
Coloured touch panel for setting and displaying machine parameters as well as for storing machine settings.

Vacuum-Feed Belt
for holding down smaller parts


LOEWER P – Planetary Head

A single LOEWER planetary head is equipped with three rotating discs which are mounted to a single rotating head. The workpiece is processed uniformly from all angles and directions and the disc tools wear evenly.

For wider machines Loewer offers the triple planetary head which consists of three heads beside each other. In order to achieve more uniform edge rounding between the heads the entire unit is equipped with a small oscillation.

  • Uniform processing from all angles and directions
  • Even wear of all discs (only single head)

Possible Tools

Flexible SmartFlexDisc for edge rounding of foil-coated, zinc-coated or slightly deformed metal parts

SoftDisc with soft pad for deburring mild steel or aluminium



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