SmartGrinder FST

Custom built machines for grinding,
deburring, edge rounding or finishing
of flat parts or rectangular tubes


The SmartGrinder FST models are custom-built abrasive belt grinding machines for finishing or deburring. A large variety of different units and optional extras make it possible to tailor the machine to individual requirements.

  • Working widths of 150mm and 300mm
  • One to four units available,  arranged in line
  • Abrasive belt or drum units as well as planetary heads
  • For wet and dry processing
  • Large range of optional extras for tailoring the machine to specific requirements


  • For abrasive belt grinding of rectangular tubes, decorative straight-line finishing on stainless steel or preparing for chrome plating
  • Abrasive belt grinding of flat bars
  • Deburring
  • Edge rounding
  • Finishing
  • Roughening
  • Processing of steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Technical Data

  • Working widths: 150mm and 300mm
  • Material thickness: 0,5mm – 150mm

Pictures and Videos

Pictures may include extra options.


  • One to four stations in a line
  • For wet or dry processing
  • Floating head system i.e. with adjustable grinding pressure to allow the abrasive belt unit to move out of the way if grinding pressure gets too high
  • Permanant magnet below the feed belt for holding down smaller steel parts
  • Demagnetization below the feed belt on outfeed side of machine
  • Longer feed tables
  • Basin and head covers in stainless steel
  • Infinitely variable rpm of abrasive belt
  • Motorized height adjustment
  • Return conveyor for workpieces
  • Top and bottom processing
  • Greater maximum thickness of workpiece
  • Additional hold down rollers
  • Feed belt with 90° stoppers for shorter stainless steel or aluminium parts
  • Paper belt filter
  • Range of dust extraction units available


LOEWER K – Abrasive Belt Unit with Contact Drum

The abrasive belt unit with a contact drum can be used for graining a decorative straight-line finish or for deburring. Depending on the application the hardness and diameter of the contact drum can be selected accordingly. For example, a harder drum is better for straigh-line finishing whereas a softer drum will work better for deburring.

  • Decorative straight-line finish

The abrasive belt unit can be equipped with the unique LOEWER floating head system which makes it possible to regulate the grinding pressure. It allows the entire unit to move out of the way if the grinding pressure gets too high. The system prevents the workpiece overheating and protects the expensive contact drum from damage.

LOEWER B – Barrel Brush Unit

Barrel brushes are mainly used to improve the surface after abrasive belt grinding. Other applications include roughening or surface cleaning. A large variety of brushes are available for different applications.

LOEWER P – Planetary Unit

The LOEWER planetary head is equipped with three rotating discs mounted to a single rotating head. The workpiece is processed evenly from all directions and the disc tools wear evenly.

  • Uniform processing from all directions
  • Even wear of all discs (only single head)

Possible Tools

Abrasive belts

  • Abrasive belts
  • Nylon abrasive belts
  • Nylon abrasive brushes
  • Range of discs for different applications



Range of Machines