Test for yourself in the LOEWER sanding centre

Most deburring and finishing tasks can be solved using our standard machines. Sometimes, however, it is hard to know which machine is best for a particular task. In our sanding centre we provide a wide range of demo machines for deburring, edge rounding and finishing.

We offer customers the chance to come and try out the machines for themselves i.e. bring their own samples, experiment with various abrasives and tools on different  machines and actually see and feel the results first hand. What´s more, they can also speak directly with our qualified engineers and technicians about individual problems or customized solutions. Alternatively customers can send samples to us which we will run through our machines and subsequently return with a corresponding report.

34576 Homberg – Caßdorf is situated in the centre of Germany, approx. 200km south of Hanover and 140km north of Frankfurt/Main.