DiscMaster SF

Top and bottom deburring, edge rounding
or oxide removal in one pass, in working widths
of 1.000mm and 1.500mm


The DiscMaster SF is equipped with oscillating disc units on the top and bottom for the simultaneous processing of two workpiece sides in one pass. The discs are equipped with flexible abrasive sanding strips and rotate and oscillate over the workpiece. The inside and outside edges are processed from all angles and directions resulting in uniform edge rounding, regardless of the alignment of the cutting contours.

The workpieces are fed through the machine by rubber-covered rollers. The sanding strips can be set below the level of the rollers making the machine very effective, especially for thinner parts. 3D punched parts can also be processed due to the softness of the feed rollers and the flexibility of the Smartflex abrasive strips.

  • Top and bottom processing for higher output
  • Uniform 360° edge rounding independent of the direction of the contour.
  • Ideal for 3D punched parts with bumps
  • Maximum edge rounding on foil-covered or zinc-plated parts
  • DiscMaster SF 1/1 with one unit from the top and one from the bottom
  • DiscMaster SF 2/2 with two units from the top and two from the bottom


  • For deburring and edge rounding laser-cut or water-cut metal parts from top and bottom
  • Ideal solution for deburring 3D punched parts with deformations on both sides
  • For edge rounding foil-covered and zinc-plated parts
  • For edge rounding and oxide removal of laser-cut steel parts in one pass
  • For processing steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Technical Data

  • Working widths: 1000mm and 1500mm
  • Shortest workpiece: 320mm
  • Material thickness: 1 – 50mm

Pictures and Videos

Video DiscMaster SF

Pictures may include extra options.


Quick-Fix Tool Connector
The Quick-Fix tool connector allows for speedier changing of discs.

LED lights inside the machine

Dust Extraction Unit
Loewer offers a range of dust extraction units for removing harmful abrasive dust. Depending on the application at hand they are available for wet or dry processing.

Conveyor tables
When processing longer work pieces it is helpful to use conveyor tables. Loewer offers a range of tables in different lengths and widths. As an optional extra it is possible to link the feed speed to that of the machine.

Sensor Bar
For more uniform tool wear the sensor bar offers the recognition of parts on the feed rollers and the subsequent display of the preferred loading position.


LOEWER DO – Rotating Discs with Small Oscillation Stroke

The discs oscillate with a small stroke, preferably a little bigger than the diameter of the disc. The workpiece is processed evenly from all angles and directions. In order to achieve even wear of all discs, the workpieces must be distributed evenly on the feed belt.

  •  360° processing from all directions

Possible Tools

Flexible SmartFlexDisc for edge rounding foil-coated, zinc-coated or slightly deformed metal parts

OxideDisc for removing the oxide layer on side edges



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