General Information

The Loewer Leistomat is the ideal solution if you need to switch from one profile to another in seconds or if you have to adjust to new formats quickly.  The workpiece width and profile are scanned using sensors and automatically set. The dipping device, a standard feature on all machines in this range, ensures that there is no breaking of any edges.

The LeistoMat is available in different models for sanding window components before coating or for intermediate sanding inbetween coats.

  • LeistoMat LZ SD: For fine sanding of wooden components before coating and/or intermediate sanding; 6 brush sanding drums and 2 SoftDisc units
  • LeistoMat LZ 6: For intermediate sanding;  6 brush sanding drums
  • LeistoMat LZ 8: For intermediate sanding;  8 brush sanding drums
  • LeistoMat LZ 12: For intermediate sandin;  12 brush sanding drums

LeistoMat SD – For fine sanding of window components before coating
The SoftDisc sanding units for the top and bottom surfaces process across the workpiece and therefore cut the fibres extremely short. The velcro-covered discs which are extremely soft lead to very fine sanding with almost no pressure and very little heat. The sanding action is much more intense than brush sanding but lighter than belt sanding. The result is a more even and smoother surface. TheSoftDisc is ideal for smoothening any uneveness e.g. resulting from annual growth rings.
The brush sanding drums which process from the top and bottom are located after the SoftDisc units are in order to create a straight-line finish. The machine also features four brush sanding drums fom the sides in order to process all profiles and rebates in one pass.

LeistoMat LZ 6 / LZ8 / LZ12 – For intermediate sanding of window components inbetween coats

Loewer offers three different LeistoMat models for the intermediate sanding of profiled window components, depending on the kind of coat (primer, sealer, lacquer), the front profile and the number of workpieces to be processed per day. The three models are equipped with varying numbers of sanding belt units.
All LeistoMat models feature an automatic dipping device in order to avoid sanding through the front edges. They also have optical sensors for determining the workpiece width and the geometry of the piece. All models feature the technology for adjusting to different profiles within seconds. For special parts such as glazing beads the machine setting can be stored as an individual program in the TouchPanel control unit.

Technical Data

  • Maximum working width Leistomat LZ 6/8/12: 140mm (180mm)
  • Maximum working width Leistomat LZ SD: 180mm (230mm)
  • Workpiece thickness: 12mm – 120mm

Pictures and Videos

Video Leistomat SD

Video Leistomat  LZ8

Video Leistomat  LZ12

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  • Workpiece cleaning device
  • Wide range of return conveyor systems to suit