General Information

The LOEWER MiniSpin machines are ideal for the sanding and denibbing of staight or profiled edges. The machine works by moving the workpiece manually past the rotating brush sanding unit.

The head of the MiniSpin N is completely adjustable and can be tilted forwards, backwards and side-ways and moved vertically and horizontically, making it extremely versatile. Using the optional Combi-Tool  Disc/Drum, it is also possible to sand the edges including the radius on the top and bottom in one pass.

  • Sanding unit can be tilted forwards, backwards, to the right and left
  • Brush sanding drum as standard feature
  • Optional Combi-Tool head i.e. with sanding disc and sanding drum available

The MiniSpin N is the all-round helper in every type of workshop.

Technical Data

MiniSpin N

  • Variable rpm of sanding drum using frequency inverter
  • Standard SmartFlex-head Ø=300mm, width=150mm
  • Highly adjustable sanding head

Pictures and Videos

Pictures may include extra options.


  • Combi-Tool for sanding head featuring sanding disc Ø=180mm and sanding drum Ø=300mm /width 75mm  (MiniSpin N)
  • Model MiniSpin V280 with sanding drum Ø=300mm, width=280mm (limited adjustment of sanding head)
  •  Model MiniSpin SDB featuring sanding drum Ø=300mm, width=150mm and additional SoftDisc unit from below