General Information

The HBS 402 is a versatile solid wood sanding machine which sands from the top. It features a sturdy roller unit for heavier pre-sanding followed by a combi-unit for finish sanding. The combi-unit can be equipped with a pneumatic pad for light sanding or with a Cermet-pad for precise calibrating. With a sanding width of 380mm and a maximum workpiece thickness of 390 mm, this model is ideally suitable for larger workpieces.

  • Sturdy solid wood sanding machine
  • Pneumatic pad as a standard feature
  • Large workpiece thickness of 390mm
  • Fixed table height

Technical Data

  • Maximum working width: 380mm
  • Workpiece thickness:  2-390mm

Pictures and Videos

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  • CERMET sanding pad for precise calibration
  • Wide range of roller conveyors available