Sanding Machines for Doors and Fronts

The launch of the Original DiscMaster by Loewer represented the start of a new era in brush sanding. This new technology which ingeniously combines discs and rollers provides a finish which hitherto had been almost unattainable.

Loewer constantly strives to improve existing solutions and has once again raised the bar by introducing the patented “ExcenterDisc” technology. The ExcenterDisc offers a large contact area as well as uniform 360° sanding from all angles and directions and boasts an impressivet cost-performance ratio. All Loewer DiscMaster models feature this new, advanced technology, ensuring that our customers get a state-of-the-art brush sanding solution.

For more specific applications e.g. small narrow parts, top and bottom sanding, preparing for foil wrapping, Loewer offers a range of special models. The DiscMaster ECO, for example, with a sanding width of 1000mm is the ideal solution for smaller workshops.

Our extensive experience in the field of sanding machinery for doors and fronts has led us to developing our own brush sanding system, SmartFlex – unique in quality, flexibility and diversity.

All in all, our state-of-the-art machine design, our long-standing expertise and our versatile SmartFlex system are guarantors for outstanding sanding results.

Our brush sanding machines for profiled doors and fronts

State-of-the art brush sanding machines with disc units for the denibbing and intermediate sanding of profiled doors and fronts.

Powerful brush sanding machines for the denibbing and intermediate sanding of profiled doors and fronts.

Compact machines for the manual brush sanding of edges and profiles.