Löwer develops, manufactures and distributes belt and brush sanding machines for metalworking and woodworking.The family-run company, now in its sixth generation, has specialized in sanding technology for the last number of decades. With a high production depth and experienced, qualified staff, Loewer offers both standard machines as well as customized solutions. With an export share of over 65%, Loewer works internationally with over 50 sales and service partners and has sold over 20,000 machines worldwide.

Specialization and Expertise

By specializing in sanding technology over the last number of decades, Loewer has accumulated a wealth of expertise in this area. Knowing the customer´s requirements and combining this knowledge with the best technology possible is our constant goal. A large number of special-purpose machines have been custom-built for specific sanding tasks and numerous tried and tested sanding tools have been developed and introduced.

Design and Innovation

All Loewer machines are designed and built in our factory in Homberg/Efze, Germany. Our corporate goal is to provide customers with solutions that provide real benefits. We strive for constant innovation in combination with the best technology available and pride ourselves on the numerous registered industrial designs as well as national and international patents in our name .


Contrary to the current trend of outsourcing as much as possible and simply assembling and mounting purchased parts, Loewer remains a true machine producer and is proud of its manufacturing diversity. From welding machine frames and component parts to  turning and milling, sheet metal processing, spraying and assembly, all manufacturing processes are carried out in our own factory in Homberg, Germany. In addition, all electrical fitting and programming is performed by our own qualified staff. In this way, we are in a position to constantly control quality at every stage and we have the flexibility to respond speedily and professionally to individual customer requirements.


In Germany and abroad we rely on a network of sales partners with fixed sales territories. Close cooperation with long-standing partners and fequent in-house training programmes ensure that our sales force is constantly up-to-date on our machines and technology. We attach a lot of importance to cooperative and friendly partnerships based on mutual trust. With our clients, business associates, suppliers and staff, we believe in collaborative and friendly partnerships based on mutual trust.

Our Goals

Loewer is constantly striving to provide customers not only with innovative sanding technology but also with real application benefits. We place great emphasis on quality and service in our endeavours to win over our new clients as well as to welcome back existing ones. We value long-standing, harmonious relationships with our customers, suppliers,  business partners and staff.