The DoubleSander Solid models are sturdy sanders for solid wood sanding. They are equipped with one or two abrasive belt units which sand from the top and bottom. The large, grooved rubber contact drums are availabe in shores from 35° to 85°. The Combi-units are equipped with a rubber contact drum and a CERMET sanding pad for greater accuracy of up to 1/10mm.

In addition to the abrasive belt units, the machines are also equipped with various units for end processing:

  • The SoftDisc features a very soft pad and a fine abrasive. The cross-sanding motion combined with very light sanding pressure cuts the fibres and leads to a smoother surface after the first coat. Sanding with the SoftDisc is more intense compared to the Smartflex disc.
  • The SmartFlex Lamella Disc containing abrasive strips is used to open the pores and to obtain a smoother surface after the first coat.  The radius on all sides is processed and the sharp edges are also broken.
  • The SmartFlex- Lamella-Drum provides a finer finish in a longitudinal direction.
  • A cleaning brush removes dust and fibres

Technical Data

  • Width of abrasive belt: 200 / 300mm
  • Working width: 180 / 280mm
  • Shortest length of workpiece: 290mm
  • Maxiumum workpiece thickness: 180 / 280mm

Pictures and Videos

Video Doublesander Solid DSM 2004 Disc

Video Doublesander Solid DSM 2004 2SD

Pictures may include extra options.


  • Automatic sensor for workpiece thickness
  • Suction device under feed belt for sanding thinner workpieces from 2mm
  • Conveyor belt free-wheel system for placing machine directly behind planing machine
  • Duplo-controls i.e. additional operating unit for remote control of machine
  • TouchPanel controls
  • Workpiece cleaning device
  • Abrasive cleaning system
  • Cross-movement of entire machine for better utilization of sanding belts, brushes and conveyor belt system