The DoubleSander Segment models are equipped with one or two abrasive belt units which sand from the top and bottom. The units feature electronically-controlled pneumatic segmented pads in a width of 30mm. These pads offer very even sanding pressure over the full width of the workpiece. The use of these segments can be controlled using the Touchpanel on the machine. The DoubleSander Segment is the ideal solution for the top and bottom sanding of veneered parts or for any application requiring lighter sanding with controlled sanding pressure.

  • Smartflex-discs with abrasive strips can be used to open the pores and to achieve less roughening after the first coat. The discs will also sand the radius on the side edges.
  • Smartflex-drums can be used to achieve a refining of the surface in the direction of the feed.
  • A cleaning brush removes dust and fibres.

Technical Data

  • Width of abrasive belt: 250 / 320mm
  • Working width: 230 / 300mm
  • Workpiece thickness: 10-230m

Pictures and Videos

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  • Duplo-controls i.e. additional operating panel for the remote control of all main functions
  • Workpiece cleaning device
  • Abrasive belt cleaning device
  • Cross movement of entire machine for better utilization of sanding belts, brushes and feed system
  • SmartFlex disc units
  • SmartFlex drum units