General Information

The HBSM ub is a high-performance, single-sided structuring machine for distressing large timber beams. It features two counter-rotating brushes which work from the bottom. The sensor-controlled conveyor belt located on top lowers pneumatically, independent of the thickness of the workpiece. Speedy processing is therefore made possible, even with frequently-varying workpiece thicknesses.

The reverse feed function, a standard feature on this machine, allows the workpiece to be processed from two directions i.e. during forward and backward motion. The time savings achieved when structuring a workpiece from three or four sides are considerable.

With two counter-rotating brushes in Ø200mm , the soft annual rings can be brushed out easily.

Depending on the type of wood being used, the machine can also be equipped with wire brushes or tynex brushes in different grit sizes.

  • Speedy pneumatic setting of thickness
  • Brushes work during forward and backward motion using “Reverse” feed function (PLC controls)
  • Constant height of throughfeed making it possible to use roller conveyors
  • Special model HBSSM 670 with abrasive belt and two brushes for sanding and distressing in one pass (without reverse function)

Technical Data

  • Maximum working width: 650mm
  • Workpiece thickness: 30-650mm

Pictures and Videos

Video BeamSander HBSM 670ub

Pictures may include extra options.


  • Wide range of roller conveyors available
  • Model HBSSM offers both sanding and distressing funtions in one machine (without reverse function)