Sanding Technology for Windows

Wooden windows radiate solidity, authenticity and charm. To bring out their full natural beauty, careful denibbing and fine-sanding are a must.

Loewer relies on its vast expertise in the woodworking field to design sophisticated sanding solutions for windows. Whether you favour the classic “frame” processing method or prefer the “single-piece” approach or if you rely on a combination of the two, we have the machine to suit your sanding and denibbing needs.

Alongside classic belt sanding machines for callibrating flat surfaces, fine sanding machines are becoming increasingly important. Loewer uses state-of-the-art soft-disc sanding technology to ensure relentless fibres are removed in a cross-sanding motion, resulting in a distinctly smoother surface after the primary coat.

For intermediate sanding, Loewer offers a range of machines specially designed for wooden windows. The LeistoMat is the ideal solution for single piece processing, handling varying profiles in seconds. The WindowMaster FA6D sands frames and sashes
of up to 2,8 x 2,8 m in double-quick time.

All our machines can be equipped with our high-performance, economic SmartFlex sanding strip system, making them the ideal solution for the discerning user.

Our Machines for Windows

DoubleSander Solid
Top and bottom sanding machines for callibrating solid wood in working widths of 180mm and 280mm.

Top and bottom finish sanding machines in working widths of up to 200mm.

Denibbing and finishing machines for single piece processing in window construction.

WinMaster FA6D
Denibbing and finishing machine for wooden window frames.

Dovetail press.