General Information

The Crossmaster is the ideal finish sander for improving the visible flat surface after fine planing or hydro planing or even after belt sanding. The wood fibres are removed in a cross-sanding motion using sanding strips. The surface is finely sanded on the top and bottom without altering the geometry of the workpiece. The even, open-pored surface which results is ideal for further processing. Depending on the type of application and the wood used, the denibbing process can either be skipped completely or scaled down considerably.

Depending on the model, the Crossmaster is equipped with brush rollers for linear sanding behind the disc or with soft discs for more intense sanding.

  • Fine sanding with low pressure from the top and bottom
  • Easy-to-use with impressive cross-sanding results
  • Sands both the surface and the radius
  • Model DBx2 mit SoftDisc units, dipping device and workpiece support for perfect sanding of profiled window components

Possible Combinations:

  • CrossMaster DBx2: one disc and one brush roller from the top and bottom
  • CrossMaster DDBx2: two discs and one brush roller from the top and bottom
  • CrossMaster DDx2: two discs from the top and bottom

Technical Data

  • Maximum working width:  200mm
  • Workpiece thicknes:s 10-180mm

Pictures and Videos

Video CrossMaster DBx2-200SD

Video CrossMaster DBx2-200

Pictures may include extra options.


  • Softdisc unit for more intensive fine sanding
  • Dipping device on all units
  • TouchPanel controls
  • Adjustable guide
  • Cleaning of workpiece