General Information

Window denibbing and finishing is a difficult, time-consuming and often subjective task. If the main focus is on the surface and radius, then a throughfeed machine such as the Loewer DiscMaster will give impressive results. If, however, the workpiece has deeper profiles and rebates, the demands on a machine are more intricate and the sanding unit must move along the profile as if the workpiece were a “single piece”. This is exactly what the WindowMaster FA6D has been designed to do with excellence.

The machine functions as follows: the window sash is pinned to the table pneumatically. The processing unit which identifies the length of the workpice runs along a linear guide on one side and automatically processes the top and bottom surfaces as well as all inner and outer profiles and rebates. The frame is turned manually and the next side is processed on the return journey.

Two discs equipped with short sanding strips process the surfaces on the top and bottom. Four rollers with longer sanding strips process the profiles and rebates on the inside and outside of the frame. All Georgian bars, cross-bars and the workpiece length are recognized automatically. The required programme is selected by the user and the PLC controls ensure that all sanding units are set accordingly.

The Loewer FA6 will process the following:

  • Sash
  • Sash door/French window
  • Overlapping casement window
  • Overlapping casement door
  • Blind frame
  • Blind frame with shutter guide

As the workpiece rests firmly on the table during processing, the user can simultaneously control the result and if need be touch up any difficult areas by hand.The sanding time for a piece of approx. 1m x 1.2m (incl. manual examination) amounts to approx. one minute.


Technical Data

  • Maximum size of frame: 2800mm x 2800mm
  • Minimum size of frame: 450mm x 450mm

Pictures and Videos

Video WinMaster FA6-D

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