General Information

The MiniSpin Air models bridge the gap between purely manual and fully automatic processing.  The workpieces are guided manually past a sanding drum equipped with sanding strips. Thanks to the air-cushioned table the workpiece glides along the table, thus preventing any scratching of the workpiece surface. For intermediate sanding, the combination of roller drum units and air-cushioned table is ideal.

The MiniSpin Air K is designed for the intermediate sanding of straight or rounded edges. The MiniSpin Air K is ideal for placing beside an existing, throughfeed sanding machine for surfaces.

The MiniSpin Air KK features two large, counter-rotating rollers. If equipped, for example, with short sanding strips in a finer grain, it offers superb sanding results on MDF edges.

The MiniSpin Air Combi is equipped with a vertical sanding drum for sanding edges and a horizontal sanding drum for sanding flat surfaces. The drum can be lowered pneumatically if, for example, the edges alone need to be sanded on large pieces.

Technical Data

MiniSpin Air

  • Variable rpm of sanding drum using frequency inverter
  • SmartFlex sanding drum for edges: Ø=300mm, width=140mm
  • SmartFlex sanding head: Ø=300mm, width=650mm
  • Air-cushioned table with side channel blower

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