General Information

The Loewer Brushbelt sanders feature a unique contact belt unit equipped with flexible sanding strips.

With the Brushbelt K the workpiece is sanded simply by pushing it against the contact belt. Thanks to the large contact area there is a much greater sanding time compared to sanding rollers. The contact belt comes in a width of 200mm and features grooves filled with sanding strips. These grooves can be filled with two different types of sanding strips, e.g. for wood sanding and intermediate sanding, thus making the machine extremely versatile.
The BrushBelt K is furthermore equipped with a speedy, motorized height adjustment function for the belt unit and the speed of the contact belt can also be varied using a frequency converter. The air-cushioned table makes it possible to process even heavier parts easily, without any damage to the workpiece surface (optional extra).

The BrushBelt F is equipped with a horizontal contact belt unit in a width of 300mm. The workpiece is pushed against the contact belt from the top. The contact belt can be equipped with two different types of sanding strips in a row, e.g. short strips for sanding flat surfaces and longer strips for sanding profiles.

Technical Data

  • Width of belt:  BrushBelt K : 200mm, BrushBelt F : 300mm
  • Variable speed of contact belt

Pictures and Videos

Video Brushbelt K

Video Brushbelt F

Pictures may include extra options.


  • Air-cushioned table (BrushBelt K)