Flame-cut and plasma-cut parts can have larger thickness tolerances as well as distortion. The BeltMaster 600 was developed especially for such applications.The heart of the BeltMaster 600 is the patented TwinBelt unit. An endless abrasive belt runs over a very soft contact roller, resulting in a lot of grinding pressure on the edges with little pressure on the workpiece surfaces. An additional second belt running on the inside increases the pressure on the edges and protects the abrasive belt against punctures. The system achieves the best deburring results with high tolerance compensation and thus has significant advantages over conventional abrasive belt units.

  • Very soft contact roller, a lot of grinding pressure on the edges with little pressure on the surfaces
  • Additional pressure belt for more edge pressure while maintaining flexibility and protecting the sanding belt
  • Floating head device (air cushion) for compensation of distortion up to 6mm
  • 2500mm long endless abrasive belt for cooler operation and long tool life
  • Pneumatic abrasive belt tensioning for belt change within seconds
  • Abrasive belt oscillation for better deburring
  • Large magnet under the feed belt for holding small magnetic workpieces

The BeltMaster 600 is available in three versions:

BeltMaster Tb-D 600:

  • Twinbelt unit with large disc for rounding the edges of all inside and outside contours
  • Intensive deburring + edge rounding

BeltMaster Tb-Td 600:

  • Twinbelt unit followed by two oscillating discs
  • Intensive deburring + intensive 360° edge rounding or
  • Intensive deburring + 360° edge rounding + 360° oxide removal

BeltMaster Td-Tb-Td 600:

  • Two oscillating discs + Twinbelt unit + two oscillating discs
  • 360° slag removal + intensive deburring + intensive 360° edge rounding or
  • 360° slag removal + intensive deburring + 360° edge rounding + 360° oxide removal


Patented twinbelt unit, our best solution for deburring workpieces with thickness tolerances or distortion.

Technical Data

  • Maximum working width: 600mm
  • Material thickness: 2 – 100mm

Pictures and Videos

Video BeltMaster

Video BeltMaster

Pictures may include extra options.


Floating head system
The unique LOEWER floating head system is designed for the abrasive belt unit and makes it possible to regulate the grinding pressure. It allows the entire unit to move out of the way if the grinding pressure gets too high. The system prevents the workpiece overheating and protects the expensive contact drum from damage.


Dust extraction unit
Loewer offers a range of dust extraction units for removing harmful abrasive dust. Depending on the application at hand, these are available for wet or dry processing.

Conveyor tables
When processing longer work pieces it is helpful to use conveyor tables. These are available in different lengths and widths. As an optional extra the feed speed can be linked up to the feed speed of the machine.


LOEWER Tb – Twinbelt unit

The patented TwinBelt unit has been developed for deburring parts with heavy slag. A soft rubber layer on the drum combined with an additional pressure belt inside the abrasive belt creates a lot of pressure on the inside and outside edges of the workpiece. The unit simultaneously compensates for varying thicknesses or distortions. The TwinBelt unit is the ideal solution for deslagging.

  • Patented unit with large deburring power and the flexibility to compensate variations in workpiece thickness

LOEWER D – Rotating Disc without Oscillation

The workpiece is placed on the feed belt and passes under the rotating disc which works from the top. The disc diameter is larger than the width of the feed belt which ensures that the workpiece is processed from two directions, left to right and right to left.

  • Processing in two directions
  • Even wear of abrasive tools

LOEWER TD – Transversal Disc Unit

The discs rotate and oscillate with a stroke larger than the width of the feed belt. The workpiece is processed evenly from all angles and directions. The disc tools wear evenly, irrespective of the size of the workpiece or its location on the feed belt.

  • 360° processing from all directions
  • Even wear of all discs

Possible Tools

Endless abrasive belts and nylon abrasive belts in different grit sizes and grain types.

Flexible SmartFlexDisc for edge rounding.

MediumDisc for edge rounding, available in different grit sizes and hardnesses.

OxideDisc for removing the oxide layer on side edges.

HammerDisc for knocking off heavy slag before deburring.



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